When TEDx makes it way to your town or city, it can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. The opportunity to expand your horizons and gain a better understanding of the world we live in can allow people to learn more than what they see constantly on the news and in their surroundings. When you make the decision to attend a TEDx event, there are certain points you need to remember going forward.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we’re incredibly excited to bring the inspiring world of TED to the local community. With a range of diverse speakers gracing the stage, we hope to bring an array of voices and experiences to those who wish to discover more about the world. Read our article below to discover what you need to remember when attending an event.


Keep and Open Mind

When gaining perspective from another person’s point of view, it’s important to listen with an open mind. Most people have their opinions and like to stick to them religiously, and don’t even attempt to listen to those who oppose them. This can be incredibly dangerous, as it leads to your developing a closed mind, making you defensive to criticism and different viewpoints. By accepting others opinions and lived experiences, you can start to adapt and gain a broader understanding of other people.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we aim to provide the local community with a broader understanding of the world, using the power of speech and technology. We encourage all kinds of people to join us at our events, in order to better themselves and learn about the world. You can view our schedule here.


Make Notes

If you find a particular talk thoroughly engaging, and you agree with what the person has got to say, don’t be afraid to make notes. Although it’s not customary to have your phone or an electronic device out, maybe take notes on some paper, or make mental notes if you can. You can use what others are saying to better yourself, and help you become more sympathetic to other people’s lived experiences.


Think About What You’ve Learnt

The main objective of a TED talk or TEDx event is to leave people feeling like they’ve learnt something. They can be inspiring and engaging, leaving the wider public with more knowledge of the world around them. When you leave an event, think about the deeper meaning of the talk, and what you were meant to take away. Looking back helps you think more deeply about the subject, and will therefore stick on your mind for a long time to come.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we aim to provide the town with a better knowledge and understanding of other cultures and people. To find out more about us, please visit us here.