At your typical TED talk or event, there are certain rules you must follow regarding content and discussion points. This same rule applies to TEDx; the talks and content will never attempt to promote a political agenda or product. TEDx hopes to bring enlightenment and a range of different perspectives to cities and towns across the country. TEDxDoncaster aims to achieve this through a range of talks and events. 

At TEDx talks, there are a range of topics up for discussion; human rights, life skills, lived experiences plus more discussion points that aren’t off-limits. However, when it comes to content, there are certain rules everyone must follow in order to present information in an ethical way. Everyone should follow the content guidelines, and you should aim to avoid divisive talks. Read on to find out what you should keep in mind when planning to make a TED talk. 


Talking Science? Make Sure it’s Factual

Of course, we all have freedom of speech and are entitled to our own opinions. Here at TEDxDoncaster, we fully believe in sharing your experiences and thoughts with a wider audience, but when it comes to scientific claims, there needs to be an element of objectivity and fact. Our platforms encourage the spread of scientific advances that are backed by research, and all information being broadcast should have been fact-checked. 

Speakers should avoid misusing scientific language and making false claims, as this can be damaging to the local community and their perceptions. When signing up to speak at a TEDx event and discussing scientific content; always make sure the content is accurate, and not based upon false information. 


Avoid Topics That Can Cause “Us vs. Them” Conversations

TEDx talks will never follow a political agenda, and we always advise our guest speakers to respect that. Talks can be thought-provoking and engaging without feeling the need to cause conflict amongst listeners. Talks should avoid presenting “inflammatory political or religious agendas” and should never set out to ridicule or insult a specific person or group of people.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we aim to build communities and allow them to experience new points-of-view, not divide or alienate them. All talks should be fair, and their aim should be to educate and enlighten, not cause unresolvable tension.


No Promotion of Commercial Products

Fancy promoting your new book, business or general product? TED talks are not the place to do this. Although you may want to advertise your product or service, and it may be an exceptional idea, TED talks are designed for the purpose of providing invigorating discussions and experiences. 

Talks may only feature technology or product demonstrations that back up an idea presented in a talk. TED is never used as an advertisement platform, only for interesting topics and thought-provoking narratives that can influence and shape a person’s mind. Here at TEDxDoncaster, we plan to host a range of talks and events aimed at invigorating the minds of the people of Doncaster, with the idea that knowledge really is power.


Avoid Copyrighted Material

All talks must be completely your own and they must not be plagiarised from any existing content out there. If you plan on using third-party material, you must inform the guests beforehand, and get express permission from the original creator of the material. There are some special permissions you need in order to use copyrighted material; specifically aimed at making sure the talk is legal and above board. 

You can view TEDx’s copyright guidelines in order to take you through the whole process before you begin your talk. Here at TEDxDoncaster, we believe in providing everyone with a platform to discuss engaging topics and help the community gain a broader perspective. However, there needs to be limits and rules in place to ensure a fair environment. Feel like getting involved? Visit us here to present your vision or perspective to the people of Doncaster.