Ever thought of hosting and organising your very own TED event? With a vast array of different speakers educating on various topics and activities based upon the talking points, TEDx events can be a great way to introduce different voices to your local community. By organising your own event, you can widen the opinions of your town, and fully cement the TED brand into the hearts of the public.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we aim to do just that. By providing an array of viewpoints and lived experiences to the people of the local community, you are giving education and a sense of growth to people across the town. Some people are stuck in their ways, so encouraging them to listen to other people’s viewpoints can broaden their horizons and allow them to gain vital experience. Read our article below to see how you can organise your own TED event today.


Pick and Name and Apply for a License


First and foremost, all events need to begin with TEDx followed by the town or city you are hosting from, for instance, TEDxDoncaster. Your name should focus around the town you’re hosting from, showcasing local ideas to let other communities know why you’re taking the stage on a global platform. This also allows the local community to engage with the event, as it relates to them personally and can help in garnering attention or the event. It could be named after a particular area in the town that citizens will find meaningful. There are certain topics that the event cannot be named after, such as countries or location nicknames. The full list can be found here.

Before you get your license, your event must be named, and you must have read the rules and chosen an event type. These can range from standard events to studio and university ones. Each event will require a different license, which you will need to apply for.


The Basics

Once you’ve named your event and chosen the type you’re looking to host, there are other factors you need to consider. First of all, make sure you apply early. It’s better to start planning your event months in advance, as you’ll need a minimum of three months to plan the event after your license has been approved. TEDx application processes can also take up to eight weeks, but after this, you will have a whole 12 months to organise your event!

It’s then time to start planning the event from start to finish. Who will be speaking? What topics will you cover? How long will each speaker have? There are numerous things to consider when planning a TEDx event, so it’s much better to be organised and have a solid plan. Consider what the world could discover from your community, and what local issues have yet to be discussed. Also, make sure there’s enough diversity in your speakers to spark conversation in a range of viewpoints.



If you’re organising an event and would like advice from other event organisers with experience, you can join the collaborative learning hub, which can be found here. Each event is different, and so are your audience. You need to make sure that the resources and activities are suitable to their tastes and preferences. By following the link above, you can find resources for all kinds of events.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we are dedicated to bringing different voices and viewpoints to Doncaster, and giving the town a chance to advertise itself on a global platform. If you would like more information, please visit us here.