20:20 VISION

September 5, 2021

TEDxYouth@Doncaster 2021: 20:20 Vision

TEDxDoncaster is back from the global COVID-19 pandemic along with TEDxYouth Doncaster. Our next event provides a platform for young locals of Doncaster to share ideas worth spreading. Our next theme for TEDxYouth Doncaster is 20:20 Vision. The event will discuss and challenge how we want our society to look in the immediate and near future.

When planning TEDxYouth in 2019, we had no idea of what was to come in 2020. The following sentence perhaps has more resonance now than it did back then:

“The year 2020 proposes to be a year of unprecedented change both in terms of technology and humankind.”

So with that in mind, we are looking forward to sharing the delayed TEDxYouth Doncaster 2020 on Sunday, September 2021.

TEDx Talks

Below you can find a collection of videos from our speakers. 

If you are interested in getting involved with next year’s TEDx Youth events then please visit our contact page to get in touch with our team today. 

‘The Grow Up or Give up Mentality’ is an ideology I would like to change in the 2020s, and it’s the vision I have for the future; the vision in which the youth are the foundations of a better, brighter world.

An aspiring author, Summer is a fifteen-year- old student with hope for a youth-led future. After struggling with anxiety disorders as a result of the
pressure placed on young people in modern day, Summer hopes to alleviate this pressure by altering the way that people perceive the young people, small steps at a time

Throughout the pandemic and the aftermath, humanity as a whole have found ways to get their voices heard to make change and become a better version of themselves with movements such as BLM and Free Palestine.

This has only inspired Sheheryaar to want to help people find their voices and together make a change for the better.

20:20 vision is about how we want our society to look in the immediate and near future; it is about wanting to see and make positive change.

Though before we can do that, I believe we must first value and reconnect the principles we seek within our relationships in order to cultivate a ground for us to efficiently move for the very changes we want!

Lockdown has left many young people struggling with their mental health. 

At a pivotal point in their development, where they should be doing things independently and for the first time, these life experiences have been placed
on hold. Independence and social autonomy are crucial to the development of young people. This lack of social freedoms has led to social and mental health issues that are yet to be fully recognised.

We live in an era where everyone is entitled to equal rights. Then why is it for far too long young people are given no political importance? 

This is because we have no electoral rights. We must change this attitude and give young people the voice and power that they deserve. As young people, you are at the centre of absolute strength.

“The stories we tell are how we live our lives” is a quote my mother taught me. This powerful lesson is relevant now more than ever as we live amidst a global pandemic. The stories we tell after this pandemic will shape the future we build- and the bricks we will use to build with, lie within our languages. 

The power of stories has been debated and studied throughout history. Our mindset is shaped by the narratives we hear, and the narratives we tell.
These stories are the creative products of our language; we need to draw on our language, and our linguistic heritage in order to keep telling them.