Jake Harris

Strategy Analyst

Jake Harris

The importance of childhood ambitions - From Space to Investment Banking​

“The focus of my idea is to empower those listening. Only through casting our minds back to how we viewed the world as a child, can we find our true passions and ambitions. These passions derive from pure enjoyment, as opposed to bias from outside influences. With people pursuing what makes them happy, there could be a knock-on effect of increased productivity and happiness throughout the world.”
My Idea canters around re-discovering our childhood goals. From realization of our youthful ambitions, we can interpret our natural passions, when we were not subject to outside influences. By following our deepest interests, we can exert greater effort and be more invested. There has also been a recent trend of children aspiring to pursue more digital-based roles. Whilst these digital-based roles could trigger a positive structural shift, there is also the possibility that they could promote a greater sense of materialism because of the rise of social media. Due to this fact, this talk also outlines some potential hazards and causes for concern about excessive social media usage. 

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