TED talks have been around for many years, inspiring and motivating people into making positive changes in their life. Whether you watch them in your spare time or have them playing in the background, there’s always something that draws you to a particular video, and something is bound to resonate with you. As awe-inspiring as TED talks are online, they’re much more touching in person, allowing attendees to really question what’s being said and take onboard any helpful life tips and tricks. But how can TED talks make a difference in person, and how can you encourage someone to attend one?

A Different Experience

TED talks are fun for everyone, and really encourage their audiences to think about what they’ve heard. They combine opinion, technology and lived experience to bring inspiring stories and theological perspectives. By attending a TED talk, you can actually learn something about life and experiences, as it forces you to really listen rather than passively pay attention as you go about your daily businesses when watching online.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, our upcoming event ‘Positive Disruptor’ seeks to challenge current societal constructs, providing a solution that leads to new ways of thinking, behaving, conducting business, learning, understanding and living life. It brings together thinkers, doers, innovators and pioneers who will share their stories of tackling closed-minded tactics, whether it be in business or in everyday life. To get your tickets, please visit us here.

A New Perspective

Forget what you think you know; TED talks have the power to change your point of view and make you see certain aspects in a different light. Even the most stubborn of people have been encouraged to open their eyes to different perspectives through TED talks. It’s no exaggeration how inspiring these talks can truly be, with some deep topics, some fun and engaging. TED even provide youth events to get young people more involved and open their eyes to a great new world.

TEDxDoncaster are working to inspire and educate the people of this amazing town, through talks and speeches worth attending. If you would like to get involved, whether that’s to volunteer or speak at one of our events, please visit us here.