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TEDx Doncaster: De-Coded
Sunday 21st July 9:30am - 6:00pm

Venue: CAST Theatre Doncaster

Tickets go on sale from January 2024 from the CAST Booking office.

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We believe in bringing people together through different experiences and viewpoints. TEDxDoncaster aims to enlighten the community and engage them in a range of exciting conversations and topics, bringing culture and world talking points to this amazing city. Our talks, events and youth programme are guaranteed to combine technology, entertainment and design to spread useful and exciting information.

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With a range of talks and topics to choose from, our catalogue boasts an impressive collection of discussions both past and present. Our videos allow you to gain a wider perspective of different opinions, cultures and lifestyles that currently exist here in Doncaster. 

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"Like TED, TEDx brings worldwide experiences to smaller cities within the UK. TEDxDoncaster hopes to enlighten and inspire the people of this cultured city by providing them with an insight into a range of issues and topics."
Marcus Isman-Egal
Curator & Licensee

What is 1% of Your Day? | Ross Cooney

Are you aware of what 1% of your day looks like? If I asked you if you have 15 minutes to discuss something, would you have the time? 1% of your day is just 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Now, do you have the time?

My Unorthodox Path to Success | Dr Dean Lomax

Dr Dean has written several books, authored more than 40 academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and has produced many popular articles. He is also a patron of the UK Association of Fossil Hunters and a patron of Mary Anning Rocks.

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