About TEDx Doncaster

x = independently organised event

Since 1984, TED talks have provided wisdom and innovative events to the globe. With topics ranging from the hard-hitting to the current events of the world, each segment features a twenty-minute talk provided by a volunteer concerning a relevant topic. The aim is to inspire and engage, and here at TEDxDoncaster, we hope to introduce the community to a range of exciting opportunities to expand their horizons and mindsets.

Through organised events and talks, our aim is to inspire and invigorate our audiences, providing them with the opportunity to explore different mindsets and viewpoints.

Meet the TEDx Doncaster Team

Marcus Isman-Egal

An MSc graduate from the University of Hull, Marcus possesses a range of skills in developing new programmes and services, running not-for-profit business to business & youth enterprise initiatives.

Wayne Sables

Wayne Sables trained in contemporary dance before moving into film and digital technologies, his career began in 2001, since then he has worked extensively across the USA, Europe and the UK, where he is an associate artist at Cast in Doncaster. 

Akeela Mohammed

Akeela Mohammed is a stakeholder and handles community engagement. She loves how far Doncaster has become in terms of diversity and community; coming together with local areas to understand and respect each other. 

The Story of TEDx Doncaster

Since the 1980s, TED has used this international recognition to bring the brand to smaller cities within the UK. Using a combination of technology and innovative talks, we hope to bring the reputation of TED to Doncaster.

Aimed at bringing innovative discussions to small towns and large cities, TEDx has recently added Doncaster to its roster. When you attend a TEDx event, you should expect a range of talks, demonstrations and performances all crafted to inspire and inform. Talks do not push a political or religious agenda, and will never be used to market a product or service.

For TEDxDoncaster, it’s been a fantastic journey so far, and as a planning group, we have shared our experiences and ideas on curating the best event for our Doncaster. I would definitely say that leading the TEDxDoncaster family has been one of the most exciting projects we have ever undertaken.

“In May of 2019, the TEDxDoncaster team expanded to host TEDxYouth Doncaster. We hope to expand this group in the future, and appeal to the youth of Doncaster through exciting talks and presentations.”

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