If you’ve been online for the past decade, you’ve probably already come across the infamous TED talks that have been inspiring and motivating people across the world. TED are a non-profit organisation formed in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman, who observed that the convergence of technology, entertainment and design could amount to the powerful spread of useful, engaging information.

Self-described as a ‘global community,’ TED works to provide individuals around the world with a better understanding of worthwhile topics; ranging from societal issues to human rights and education. With the belief in the power to change lives and attitudes, TED talks work to enlighten and enrich people’s lives to give them a better understanding of how others live and operate.



A branch belonging to the TED family, TEDx is an event held in a town or city where speakers are invited to share their wisdom and knowledge with attendees willing to gain a broader perspective of the world. TEDx talks are fully independent and unique, all with the powerful, fulfilling properties that all TED talks encompass.

When you attend a TEDx event, you should expect a range of talks, demonstrations and performances; all crafted to inspire and inform. Talks are not made to market any particular brand or product and do not strive to push any political or religious agenda. TED talks simply exist to enrich the public’s minds and introduce them to a perspective that they may not have found themselves.

Our organisation here at TEDxDoncaster is working to provide the thriving local area with more opportunities for the sharing of inspiration and knowledge. Thanks to the inspiring and amazing talks being held at TEDxSheffield and TEDxBrayfordPool, our branch of TEDx was developed and allowed to thrive and inspire the people of Doncaster with a series of motivational talks. 

TED talks have been proven to inspire and motivate, and most talks last no longer than 18 minutes. If you would like more information concerning talks happening in your area, you can view our schedule here.