Since the 1980s, TED has been offering inspiring and innovative talks and events across the globe. From hard-hitting topics to current events, TED talks have risen in popularity, with the 20 minutes segments available to view online. Its international recognition has inspired TED to branch out the cities within the UK with it’s “X” programme.

Aimed at bringing wisdom and inspiration to small towns and large cities, TEDx has recently added Doncaster to its ever-growing ranks. When you attend a TEDx event, you should expect a range of talks, demonstrations and performances all crafted to inspire and inform. Talks are not made to market any particular brand or product and do not strive to push any political or religious agenda. 

In this post, social entrepreneur, disruptor and TEDx curator Marcus Isman Egal discusses where TEDxDoncaster originated from:

“For me, TEDxDoncaster began at TEDxSheffield and TEDxBrayfordPool with their creativity, energy and the ideas shared that galvanised my desire to follow in their footsteps and host a TEDx event. 

Talking with the event organisers, I knew that I wanted to be one of them. After a few weeks of research and reflection, I contacted the organisers to explore how I could organise and curate a TEDx event in Doncaster. 

A meeting with Maureen Sydney and Wayne Sables at High Melton College in 2017 was to further turbo-charge my commitment to hosting a TEDx event in Doncaster. It was a meeting of like-minded fellow TEDxers, and I thought, ‘what an exciting time.’

Later that year I submitted my application to host a TEDx event in Doncaster. One of the biggest life lessons I have learned is resilience and the ability to move forward in the face of uncertainty. 

In April 2019, after two years of planning and two rejections, we finally received the decision we all had been waiting for; TED had granted Wayne and me the license to curate and organise TEDxDoncaster!

This was it, and now everything started to become real. 

During this period, I met some incredible people. Successful entrepreneurs, event planners and influential figures in the local community, all who wanted to be involved and lend a hand. 

We have now completed the first phase in preparing for TEDxDoncaster. We booked a venue, tickets went on sale and on Monday 25th June, we finally agreed on our TEDxDoncaster line up. It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and working with the planning group means I’m not on my own but part of a fantastic group of custodians who are leading the way for others to follow. 

As a planning group, we have shared our experiences and ideas on curating the best event for our Doncaster. I would definitely say that leading the TEDxDoncaster family has been one of the most exciting projects of 2019. 

In May of 2019, the TEDxDoncaster team has expanded to host TEDxYouth Doncaster. We hope to expand this group in the future, and appeal to the youth of Doncaster through exciting talks and presentations.”