Although TEDx talks can be attended by anyone and everyone, there are separate events catered just for children and young people. Unlike usual TED talks, which are deep, thought-provoking discussions, TEDx Youth aims to spark imagination in children and it’s all about one important factor; having fun!

TEDx Youth events fall under the same rules that apply to regular TEDx events, as you need a licence to host one. However, the formatting is a little different, as they’re aimed solely at kids. Events can be held at schools, but the licensee must be a student aged 18 or over, a teacher or another faculty member. No matter whether you want to engage or inspire, TEDx Doncaster caters to the youth of the city by organising fun and exciting events for young people to get involved in.

The Event

TEDx Youth events usually have “youth” in their name to make them more recognisable to a wider audience, along with their community. For example, here in Doncaster, it might be called “TEDxYouth@Doncaster.” Events are held specifically with children and young people in mind, so the event must be catered to their interests and age range. The audience will be young people from across the community, so the event needs to be interesting and keep them engaged.

Youth events can have up to 100 guests, like most TEDx events. If you have attended an official TED conference, and you have a licence to hold a youth event, you may be able to hold an event for more people. TED talks are renowned for being informative, inspiring and educational. This theme should not falter in youth events, but it must be fun. Most people who hold TEDx Youth events have a diverse range of speakers educating young people on a variety of topics, much like regular events. The timings are completely up to you; they can last from a few hours to a whole day.


Since your event is tailored to kids, you need to ensure that their needs are met and taken into consideration. Make sure speaker sessions are broken up with workshops and fun activities for them to complete, as they may get easily distracted. Also, make sure to have breaks away from the TEDx atmosphere by providing snack breaks! Make sure that the content is child friendly, and they are being looked after by suitable adults at all times. 

When considering speakers, perhaps try to incorporate speakers who are their own age, in order to fully guarantee their interest. Young people speaking about topics that will get others their age interested is what TEDx is all about; educating and inspiring with viewpoints from across the world. You can discover more on TEDx’s website here.

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we are dedicated to furthering the education of young people of the community by playing to their interests and opening their eyes to new possibilities.