Since its origins back in 1984, TED has been a platform for a range of different people advocating for change and attempting to present the world with a collection of different viewpoints. The 20-minute segments involve a particular topic of which an individual person speaks about. With an aim to present worldwide audiences with access to education and a wider perspective on different matters, TED has been a staple for inspiring and enlightening.

TEDx attempts to bring the world of TED to smaller towns and cities and has now been introduced to Doncaster. The talks can be a great opportunity to acknowledge and experience different viewpoints on a range of topics they may never have ventured to explore. Read our article below to learn more about the importance of TEDx.

Gaining a Wider Perspective

One of the most important factors of TED is that it allows people to step out of their mental comfort zones. Some people are content in sticking to the mindset they’ve built up over the years, usually influenced by their family, friends and social experiences. However, the initiative to branch out and explore other viewpoints shows that you’re willing to learn and respect what others have to say. TED talks are a perfect opportunity to expand your horizons gain a broader perspective, and with TEDx, you can even attend one in person.

TEDx Doncaster aims to bring the people of this wonderful city a chance to delve into the opinions and mindsets of other people, in order to make sure that they are more cultured than when they first became exposed to TED. We hope to hold talks frequently throughout the year, of which all individuals are invited. You can view our schedule here.


As human beings, it’s in our nature to be curious or afraid of things we don’t understand; like a fight or flight response. The more we learn about the world, the more we can relate to other people and get a wider perspective of different struggles and experiences. Popular discussions usually involve racism, homophobia and gender issues, as they’re incredibly contemporaneous subjects that more people wish to learn more about. By attending a TEDx talk, you can expose yourself to the wider world, and learn more about the lives and experiences of other people.

TED talks are widely accessible online and last around 20 minutes. TEDx events allow people from smaller cities and towns to experience a talk in-person, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the knowledge and wisdom they offer.

Short and Sweet

In most people’s cases, no one really likes to be lectured. Talks that can last over an hour tend to drag on, and most people won’t retain all the information that is presented to them. At TED, our talks are 20 minutes long, giving you the opportunity to fully take in all the knowledge that is presented to you. 

Here at TEDxDoncaster, we hope to present many different and inspiring guests to individuals hoping to gain a better understanding of the world. To find out more, please visit our website here.