TEDxDoncaster are proud to announce that our brand new website is now live; giving prospective speakers and attendees a clearer platform in which they can engage with us! We believe in local engagement and trust, therefore we recruited a local marketing agency, Be My Social, to create the amazing website you see before you today! We now have a platform to broadcast our past talks, upcoming events and electronic forms if you wish to volunteer or speak at our next event.

Our team are very excited to share our new platform with you all. We can’t wait to get started on inspiring the people of this glorious town.

Our Aims

Like all TED events, our talks and seminars aim to bring new ideas and viewpoints to the people of Doncaster; engaging their minds and starting important conversations. With a range of topics focusing on hard-hitting issues and current events; TED has been inspiring people since 1984 and we hope to carry on this proud and educational tradition.

TEDxDoncaster and TEDxYouth all operate with one goal in mind; to present new ideas and voices to the people of Doncaster through the use of speech and technology. Our new website and social media presence will help us broadcast this message far and wide; allowing more people to experience a TED talk for themselves. 

We will shortly be announcing new events for the upcoming year, so stay tuned!

Our Sponsors; Be My Social, Doncaster Council and More!

Behind every great venture is a set of amazing groups and individuals working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and effectively. We feel extremely lucky to have so many great organisations backing us on our path to success. Without them, how we branch out online wouldn’t be possible.

Be My Social is a fully comprehensive digital marketing agency based here in Doncaster and has fully designed and set up the website you see before you today! As well as maintaining our site, all of our social media posts and their content is created by the amazing social team over at Be My Social. For this, we owe them a huge thanks! We are incredibly excited to announce them as our headline sponsor, as they have gone above and beyond to make sure we were all set for launch!

We would like to also send a huge thank you to Doncaster Council for their unwavering support these past few months in allowing us to grow and thrive. By allowing us to bring TED’s message to the people of Doncaster; we are completing our mission of inspiring the town through a range of innovative events and discussions. Doncaster Council have allowed us to bring the vision to life. 

Throughout this journey, we’ve needed to spend as much time as possible focusing our efforts on building the brand and sustaining a growing organisation here in Doncaster. This has been made possible by Enterprise accountants, Doncaster service children’s trust, and TLB properties; all of whom have made this process a whole lot smoother. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for endorsing our vision, and we plan to make TEDxDoncaster the town’s next big talking point.

Becoming a Speaker with TEDxDoncaster

Do you have something important to say? Do you believe the people of Doncaster could benefit from an innovative talk delivered by you? Then get in touch with us today! We’re always looking for more people to educate and inspire with their talks and topics, and you can apply now by following this link. Here at TEDxDoncaster, we truly cannot wait to get started and show the town what we have to offer; one talk at a time.