From an MSc graduate at the University of Hull to a leading educator of the youth in South Yorkshire and Senior partner at RedEverywhere Doncaster, Marcus has developed and enhanced a range of skills used to create new programs, services and giving TEDx Doncaster a platform to flourish.

In this article, we delve deeper into the interpretations that Marcus has towards TEDxDoncaster, what sparked his desire for this line of work, future goals and his very own definition of success.

TEDxDoncaster; Origins

It appears the curation and development of TEDxDoncaster sprouted from a moment of initiative and progressive thinking from Marcus, back amongst the muffled chatter of creatives at TEDxSheffield and TEDxBrayfordPool.

Adopting the inspiration shared throughout the complex and amongst the TED team; Marcus shared his ideas on a South Yorkshire TED sibling, based in the heart of Doncaster.

After consultations with TED organisers, it became clear that hosting a TED event was the ultimate goal.

Doncaster’s High Melton college provided the scene for Marcus to enlist the brainpower of TED associates Wayne Sables and Maureen Sydney; two like-minded individuals that helped craft the foundations for the Doncaster site.

In the latter stages of 2017, a hosting application was submitted and the rest is history.

TEDxDoncaster; Bouncing Back From COVID-19 and Planning For the Future

The outbreak of COVID-19 sent shockwaves throughout the planet, bringing the world to its knees in the process. Families, businesses, health institutions and organisations of all shapes and sizes have felt the seismic effects of the virus.

TEDxDoncaster juggled similar struggles to organisations across the UK. Amongst the thick smoke of the unknown, it was unclear which way the business was heading.

The events that were scheduled to take place at the flagship site in 2020 have been put in the pipeline to take place later this year, in the fall of 2021.

The goal now is to revitalise the TED community throughout the local area and to also launch a TEDx Women line-up to events at the Cast Theatre.

Getting People Involved

TEDx is always on the lookout for new talented people to take to the stage. To share wonderful ideas and stories no matter how common or obscure.

In addition to a fresh network of motivational speakers; TEDxDoncaster welcomes partner organisations that have an interest in growing their web of sponsors. This can be through partnerships or through the sponsorship of one of our events.

TEDx Doncaster offers an invitation to people from all walks of life who come from a range of different backgrounds and have varied views, beliefs and disciplines. The Cast Theatre opens its doors later this year to host the theme ‘Positive Disruptor’. If you feel like you have an idea worth sharing, have a passion for public speaking or simply want to get involved with the local community; fill out a nomination form to put yourself forward, or, nominate someone that matches the criteria.

What is Your Definition of Success?

Spearheaded by Marcus Isman-Egal, the TEDxDoncaster planning team have a streamlined path to success; selling out all events at the flagship site, starting with TEDxYouth and following on to each and every event hosted at the Cast Theatre.

To extend upon our definition of success, we are determined to grow the TED community within Doncaster. We want to create a platform to host idea exchange, collaboration and innovation.

The key element of our success plan is finding amazing Doncastrians that have an idea worth spreading, amazing people who are thinkers, innovators and doers.