Professor Brad Gibson

Director of the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics, at the University of Hull

A passion for Physics

An Australian-Canadian transplant, Brad’s 1000+ outreach events over the past seven years have reached two million people around the world, including nearly 100 schools and colleges in the UK, ranking him amongst the most prolific full-time academics engaged in outreach anywhere in the world. Brad was responsible for first defining the Milky Way’s Galactic Habitable Zone (named a Top 10 News Story of the Year by National Geographic), determining the expansion rate of the Universe (for which their team was awarded the Gruber Prize in Cosmology), and building the world’s first Liquid Mirror Telescope Observatory. His commitment to widening participation and diversity, and improving the career prospects of physics students, led to his “Changing Face of Physics” campaign being highlighted as Good Practice in the Country by the UK’s Equality Challenge Unit and resulted in more than a doubling of women entering Physics at The University of Hull over the past five years.

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