Nikki Alderson

Specialist Coach, Speaker, Author, and former Criminal Barrister

Empowering. The Talent In You.

“Nikki is a Specialist Coach, Speaker and Author supporting organisations to retain female talent and empowering female professionals to achieve career ambition. Nikki specialises in three areas; Women’s Leadership Transition and Change; Enhanced Career break returner support; and Workplace resilience, confidence and wellness.

Nikki has 19 years’ experience as a Criminal Barrister and is author of bestselling book, Raising the Bar: Empowering female lawyers through coaching.

Although Nikki’s work focuses predominantly on one to one coaching within the workplace, she also delivers motivational keynote speeches and bespoke seminars, workshops and webinars on a variety of topics, including Career Progression, Resilience/ Mindset and Wellbeing”

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