Lewis Russell

Rapper, Digital Marketing Specialist and Teaching Assistant

Bringing the community together.

Lewis co-hosted this year’s inaugural TEDx Youth Doncaster at the UTC which was a phenomenal success.

Outside of his interest in all things TED Talks, Lewis is involved in a number of projects and creative groups across Doncaster. Lewis is a rapper and creates music, curates events, runs workshops and gets involved in many community projects as part of an artist collective called GSD which he also co-founded.

Lewis is also a Teaching Assistant and a Digital Marketing Co-ordinator. However, on Sunday October 24th at TEDx Doncaster Lewis will be performing some of his current songs as he takes to the TEDx Doncaster stage at CAST.

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TEDx Doncaster: Positive Disruptor brings together thinkers, doers, innovators and pioneers who will share their stories of tackling closed minded tactics, whether it be in business or in everyday life. If you would like to book your tickets, please use the button found on this page.

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