Are you growing tired of the nine-to-five rat race? Do you feel like your passion lies outside of your current role? A career in motivational speaking could be the fresh beginning you are looking for. Apply to speak today!


In this article we’ll look at some of the core reasons why individuals across the world sign up to become motivational speakers, the perks of the job and how to apply.


Why Become a Motivational Speaker?

 A career in motivational speaking can be highly rewarding. Helping others through tough situations, educating the masses and constantly evolving your personal portfolio of knowledge along the way are just a fragment of the benefits intertwined with motivational speaking.


If that wasn’t enough to convince you to apply to speak, motivational speakers can inspire generations of people that possess a hunger to learn. If you believe that you have a talent for public speaking, and have incredible tales and stories worth sharing then apply to speak today!


Motivational Speakers are Always Evolving 


Each motivational speaker has a message that they seek to spread. Whether it relates to the tech industry, owning a farm or simply waking up in the morning, your job is to share your passion, your story and your vision with others.


Motivational speakers find satisfaction in their work by evoking emotion in their audiences, an emotion strong enough to make people want to change their habits. Speakers are often thanked for their help in getting people to give up smoking, strive for a better career path and find a new sense of self belief.


Along the way, you’ll see the ways in which your message resonates with different audiences. With this, you’ll be able to see the different effects it has and if the message needs to be adapted to help further people’s horizons. As well as adapting your methods, you get to learn about the lives you are changing, hearing first-hand how your insights have helped improve living and professional situations.


Over time, you’ll start to develop new skills in the way you teach, and in the way you deliver a speech. Understanding which speaking tips work and which do not are essential developmental ideas that allow motivational speakers to grow.


Motivational Speaking is a Satisfying Career Path


The most successful motivational speakers are founded upon and cemented by subjects that they are truly passionate about. If you decide to present a speech to an audience regarding a subject that has no place in your heart, your audience will see right through your story and perceive it as nothing more than a hollow tale.


Speakers who are adept within their fields tend to get paid a satisfactory sum, and gain access to the best opportunities available.


5 TEDx Application Tips


These killer tips are used by speakers to increase their chances of getting noticed and accepted by TEDx organisers :


  1. Have Your Speech Ready Before You Apply


Having a prepared speech will make a huge difference to the process of your application. If you have an idea of what you’re going to tap about or -better yet- what your message is going to be, it makes the application easier to fill and you’ll find that your focus is spent on expression rather than trying to come up with ideas.


TEDx events tend to choose speeches that relate to innovative ideas, social change and unique personal stories.


  1. Make Your Title Stand Out 


Imagine seeing an event advertised as “Research Findings”. A title under this moniker is almost a certain guarantee to turn people away. The best way to entice your audience is with a juicy title, something intriguing, cool and interesting.


  1. Be Clear, But Be Concise 


Your idea might be wonderful, but can you portray that idea coherently in a short number of words? TEDx applications require all of your brilliant ideas to be explained in 300 characters, which is around the 85 word mark. 


  1. Outlining Your Speech


You may be required to outline your speech when you apply to speak. What this means is that a bullet point type format is required to summarise the main points of your speech. This helps the organisers understand the ebb and flow, transition and delivery of your speech.


TEDx receives hundreds of applications, many of which repeat the same content formats. By creating an outline, you’re answering the organiser’s questions right at the very beginning.


  1. Know Your Favourite TED Talks


A regular question in the TEDx application form prompts applicants to list their favourite TED Talk with a description of why they value it. By searching the hundreds of TED Talks available, you can discover which ones resonate with you.


Ready to Apply?

TEDx and TEDx Doncaster are always on the lookout for talented individuals who have a passion for public speaking. If you have innovative ideas, thought provoking stories and life changing advice then fill out one of our application forms.