Hannah Boneham

PhD Researcher

Wellbeing. For All.

“Known for her enthusiasm and energy, Hannah Boneham has enjoyed a successful career in change management; leading diverse teams to successfully deliver complex, rapid and positive organisational change. However, like many of us, Hannah has experienced stress and anxiety in the past because of unhealthy working environments.

Hannah believes passionately in creating workplaces that promote wellbeing and uses her leadership roles to explore and promote this agenda. She loves to work with people to understand their goals and aspirations and how she can achieve success for her organisation, while empowering her teammates to reach their potential and enjoy their jobs.

Having embarked on a PhD in Work Psychology with the University of Sheffield, Hannah’s research into leadership and wellbeing aims to change how we think about our relationship with our bosses, their role in supporting us to thrive in our jobs and what steps we, as individuals, can take to be happier at work”

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