TEDx Doncaster provides a platform for people of all walks of life to access knowledge and shared learning, projecting interest through thought-provoking and inspiring advancements in Doncaster. The theme for October 2021 is “Positive Disruptor”. 

Thinkers, innovators, doers and pioneers will come together to provide insight into the mind and life of people who are positively disrupting societal constructs and shaping the world for the better through their efforts.

You might be asking “what is a positive disruptor exactly?”.

If this is a new term to you, this article will explore the realms of a positive disruptor, who they are, what they do and the adaptations they make to the world around us.

What is a Positive Disruptor?

By definition, a positive disruptor is someone who challenges current organisational trends and habits and strives to find positive alternatives. A positive disruptor is someone who seeks to uproot, re-plant and grow the way we think, behave, conduct business, learn, understand and live our daily lives.

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat the door down.”

Throw the word disruptor around and people will likely assume that trouble will ensue. Traditionally, someone that disrupts does so with the intention of causing harm; so it’s easy to assume that there are negative associations with the term.

A positive disruptor is actually one of life’s luxuries, especially in an organisational sense. Here are some reasons why:

A Positive Disruptor Can Bring Life to an Organisation

A lot of businesses and corporations are founded upon processes that have been followed for decades. The phrase “if it’s broke don’t fix it.” comes to mind. Companies that struggle to adapt to change or acclimatise to new business trends will find it difficult to thrive as they once did. Bringing in an individual who strives to squeeze the most out of life and challenge outdated systems allows companies to breathe and escape from the chains of traditional business.

Seeking Out Closed Minds

As positive disruption spreads, there will always be certain individuals who don’t transition so easily into new ways of thinking. That’s just scratching the surface. When you delve deeper, you’ve got people who resist change like the plague – closed-minded people. Once that tree starts to shake, the closed-minded folk are easily identifiable and they tend to occupy leadership roles.

Raising the Proverbial Bar 

Positive change focuses on making the ultimate best even better. Reigning world champions in combat sports are at the top of their game and yet they are always seeking to improve their abilities. When staff members are looking at ways in which a company can improve, the employee gains a sense of accomplishment and the company garners the benefits from raising the bar even higher.

Encouraging Innovative Spirit 

Innovation stems from a mutual level of trust between all departments of an organisation. Those with leadership responsibilities must feel comfortable – not threatened – when positive disruptors attempt to change the existing fabrics that keep businesses in the dark ages. This allows new products to thrive and new markets to be explored. 


Someone who seeks positive change can appear in all aspects of life, not just business environments. To understand how a positive disruptor works in a day-to-day environment, attend the TEDx Doncaster event: Positive Disruptor; October 24th, 2021.