Dr Tom Waller

Chiropractor and Health Champion
Tom Waller

A passion for Health

The world is waking up to the truth about health, a truth that humans have known and many have lived by for years. The truth is that health is an Inside-Out action, and we already have everything we need to be the best versions of ourselves, to be healthy. Stress, resilience and performance expert. Tom is a Chiropractor, Podcaster, Speaker and Mentor with a passion to help the planet champion true health and accountability. Tom believes health is a personal responsibility, not a human right. It is however right that every human should be given the potential to be healthy. Health has to be earned personally, not granted by another person or pill. Tom’s mission is to show you how to regain and maximise your true health potential, take ownership, and cultivate responsibility so that you can live the life you were intended to do so. To rid the excuses for and the existence of chronic lifestyle disease.

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