Joe Seddon

Founder & CEO of Zero Gravity

How technology can catalyse the meritocratic revolution

Why do some people “Succeed” whilst others do not? For most of human history, success was distributed on the basis of family and social connections. In modern times, we like to think success is distributed on the basis of merit. However, meritocracy has increasingly become rigged by an elite who have corrupted meritocratic institutions to perpetuate their family’s positions. 

This talk will explore how technology can be leveraged to fight back against the ‘crisis of meritocracy’: spotting talent from all backgrounds at an early age and providing the support required to succeed – completely for free.

Launched from his bedroom in West Yorkshire, Joe has grown Zero Gravity from a student bedroom startup into one of the UK’s leading social mobility organisations. Last year, Zero Gravity mentored 1000+ low-income students into highly-selective universities, including 261 students into Oxbridge since launch, smashing all previous records within the sector. The digital platform has received ~£500k of social impact investment and a social impact award from the Prime Minister. Joe now speaks at universities and employers around the country about social entrepreneurship and leveraging technology to create social change.

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