Stephanie Hill

Contemporary Polymath 

Break Down. The Stereotypes.

“Stephanie Hill is a contemporary polymath – a scientist, a classical crossover vocalist, an equestrian, a multi-disciplinary dancer, an artist amongst many other pursuits. She was oblivious that her chosen path of variety had a name, and she was first made aware of her lifestyle after being invited to sit on a panel of fellow polymaths for the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci at The British Library in 2018.

Stephanie made history in 2017 as the highest placing candidate representing England in the Miss World competition.

A passionate advocate for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Stephanie enjoys debunking the stereotypes often associated with those who pursue careers in this field, and campaigns for unconventional routes into this elusive industry creating ‘stEMPOWER’ an initiative focused on providing resources to women who want to pursue a career in STEM”

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