Catherine Knibbs

Human Behaviour Technologist

A passion for Life

Cath is an author, clinician, researcher, educator, speaker and mum with a background in the Armed Forces Engineering and Optronics, IT, Gaming and Psychology alongside Function Health and her other passion of Neuroscience. She is a polymath and pattern recognition nerd. She synthesises the presenting issues that people bring to her clinic around online harms and our behaviours online with child development theories, science and research to highlight the larger issues at hand for the human race. She is a futurist regarding the issues we face as we progess with exponential technology. She is an advocate for ethical tech and our rights and freedoms to privacy and protection now and in the future. She educates professionals on data protection, cybersecurity, and privacy laws and provides online safeguarding training to give those responsible for children a wake-up call as to the spaces children need protection in and around.

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