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Our Headline Sponsor; Be My Social

As we began to build our online brand and presence, we knew we needed to partner up with a local digital marketing service that could cater to our needs and ensure we carried the TED name and brand proudly and effectively. Be My Social, a comprehensive marketing service based in Doncaster, have gone above and beyond since day one in ensuring that our social media posts and website were engaging, informative, and completely on-brand with who we are and what we do.

Be My Social designed our amazing website that you see before you today, and implemented effective SEO strategies to help us rank higher on Google and reach as many people as possible. They also helped us establish a successful social media campaign before the launch of our website, with our engagement and traffic increasing significantly over time. Here’s a little bit more about what they do…

Social Media and Graphics

Here at TEDxDoncaster, our mission from the start was to educate and inspire the community of Doncaster through a range of informative talks and events. Therefore, we knew we needed to team up with a local digital marketing service here in Doncaster to allow this mission to take off. Be My Social have been operating and managing our social media for the past few months, gathering momentum as we prepared to launch our website and announce our events. They have gone above and beyond to make sure our engagement increased, writing informative copy and designing templates and graphics to keep a cohesive digital marketing strategy on all of our platforms.

Be My Social even shot and produced a bespoke video about who TEDxDoncaster are and what we hope to provide to the community within Doncaster. This video perfectly highlights our mission and aims entirely, and we now have a platform to promote our exciting talks and start as many discussions as possible. We understand how important effective social media marketing strategies are in achieving this and reaching our target audience. Be My Social understood this and so much more, implementing relevant copy, images and hashtags to garner interest, and we cannot thank them enough. 

Web Development

As well as social media, we knew how important having a website that looked good, was easy to navigate and was incredibly informative was for our brand. Be My Social designed the website you see today from scratch, constantly keeping us in the loop to ensure that it was up to our standards and fell in line with the TED brand. We have pages on our new site highlighting our past talks and upcoming events, and we even encourage members of the public to get involved and volunteer to speak.

Be My Social even provided us with specialist SEO services to enhance our copy and get us prepared to rank as high as possible on Google for when we launched. Each week, the team craft a search engine optimised article the relates to the TED brand, full of keywords that our target audience here in Doncaster will be searching for. We cannot thank the digital marketing team at Be My Social enough for their unwavering support these past few months, as their help has meant we can now reach the people of Doncaster on a more digital scale.

Be My Social provide digital marketing services to businesses across the country, helping them build their brands and enhance their online appeal. If you require any assistance in expanding your online presence, you can get in contact with their talented team here.

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